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Credit Score Enhancement

We hear every day from frustrated lenders who are discouraged because they cannot get approval on a would-be homebuyer due to low credit scores. Other sub-prime lenders have expressed their desire to help existing clients upgrade to a lower rate.

Via our UpMyScore.com, REACH helps lenders across the country close significantly more loans by reducing the number of loans declined for low credit scores.

Often the problems are just one or two minor hurdles. Sometimes they are extensive and seemingly long-term. UpMyScore.com is a trusted resource to which you can refer credit-weary applicants for real help!

If you are not currently offering your declined applicants help raising their credit scores, you are literally letting money walk out the door.

Effective, professional score enhancement increases closing ratios significantly. This lowers the average customer acquisition cost. Lowering the cost to obtain a customer increases gross margin and the ability to compete in any advertising space.

Have you seen your firm priced out of an advertising channel? This is your fix.

Let us show you how (without spending 1 dollar), you can increase your profits significantly over the coming 12 months.

Not only will you increase profits this year, but you will also win the appreciation of clients that will be happy to brag about you to friends and family, building business from business--year after year.

REACH Tech Lifeline

Use the REACH online ticket system (via our MyEazyTech.com) to submit questions about your technical challenges in selecting software, systems, marketing channels and more.

Pipeline Lead Protection Through Education

Your qualified prospects will learn how to guard their credit until closing so nothing goes wrong at the last minute to drop their score.

Borrowers need to be informed how to avoid the common mistakes new borrowers make before closing on a loan. (i.e. purchasing furniture, or opening new credit account.)

In addition, your not-yet-qualified prospects can be directed to resources learn how to raise more down-payment or increase their credit score.


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Lead Rewards Program

Qualified lenders can participate in our referral program designated for borrowers who answer our national advertising campaigns. These are consumers who are not referred by a lender, but instead responded to HUG’s own adverting seeking to qualify for a new loan.

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