Professional AnalysisIntelligence that provides clarity—not just change.

Good analysis leads to better decision making. Insightful, predictive analysis gives you a competitive advantage. What is the expected growth rate for your area? How strong is your online presence? What are competitors doing successfully that you are not? How many of your clients are truly satisfied with your service? How does that compare to competitors? We have those answers and more waiting for you.

Business Systems Assessment (BSA)

Outdated processes cost time and money. For any given process, there are perhaps dozens of solutions offered. Evaluating those choices can be extremely difficult and time consuming for anyone not intimately familiar with the landscape.

Avoid the frustration of apples-to-oranges comparisons by using our BSA service. With a foundational understanding of the options in the market, we can help your team make the right choice for your organization—which may not be the same for another.

Using proprietary methodologies, we can offer objective input that will help you meet your goals with a cautionary eye toward costs.

Some of the key questions that will be answered through a BSA will include:

  • Is there an off-the-shelf solution?
  • Where are industry standards headed?
  • How well will a solution integrate with current operations or systems?
  • What is the projected ROI?

How our BSA service works

Depending on the size of the office/organization, we first hold input sessions with the business mangers and key users. We then form a small project team consisting of at least one representative from each functional area that will be impacted by the project.

Clearly identify the limitations and cause of bottlenecks or concerns with the current system or process.

Using input from your company and the projected growth, we can define an investment range to meet the current needs, as well as future demand.

Present pro and cons of the available solutions within the budget that eliminate existing concerns and can scale to meet future needs.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Getting customers to return, OR getting them to brag about you to family and friends completely changes the economics of your business. Top producers already know this and rely heavily on referrals to grow profits.

High customer satisfaction leads to more and easier referrals. A Satisfaction Survey is the absolute best tool to:

  • Establish a baseline satisfaction index for critical areas;
  • Define strengths & weaknesses compared to industry averages;
  • Harvest possible marketing material: "Independent survey shows 3 out of 4 clients would recommend our service to close friends & family."

There is nowhere to hide

Internet search providers are moving towards incorporating a "customer review" index into search results. The writing is on the wall. Bad customer experiences will bury those with sub-standard service.

"Never has a high customer Loyalty Index been more valuable than right now. Lenders with high customer satisfaction will find themselves at the top of the search results."

An effective customer satisfaction survey program should focus on measuring customer perceptions of how well the company delivers on the critical success factors and dimensions of the business. These usually include factors like integrity, service promptness and staff responsiveness.

The HUG customer satisfaction solution includes industry standard survey templates, a platform for hosting data collection, automatic notifications, and an advanced suite of analysis tools for analyzing customer satisfaction.

Area Market Analysis

Timely information and accurate forecast are necessary to make smart decisions. HUG’s Area Growth Index Report (AGI Report) will alert you to changing trends in home sales, employment, demographics, competitive spending, and much more.

Your subscription provides in-depth reports that allow you to drill down to compare changes over time. News bulletins keep you in the know about local impact by large company expansion.

The AGI Report tracks housing markets throughout the country. The index measures the combined impact of several datasets on regular basis, such as:

  • Employment growth;
  • Median home prices;
  • New housing starts;
  • and other non-disclosed data.

Website Competitive Analysis

How does your website meet new standards for usability?

Is your site built to maximize leads?

How does your site look on various mobile devices?

Web Presence Analysis

How easy are you to find when consumers search for a lender in your area?

What are people saying about you? All businesses are online, even those that think they aren’t.

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